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Mostly notes on .NET and C#


C# Pad

Interactive C# REPL


AWS Lambda C# Function Package Builder

Tool for building Azure Style C# Functions for AWS Lambda



Easy asynchronous messaging and queuing for .NET



Buffer Pooling for .NET Socket Operations


Peer to Peer ASP.NET State Server

This is a distributed implementation of the ASP.NET state service.


A Simple ASP.NET State Server Failover Scheme

This is a failover and load balancing system for web applications that make use of the ASP.NET state server.


Stored Procedure Wrapper Method Generator

This tool helps you generate your ADO.NET stored procedure wrapper methods and any related strongly-typed data object class
Click here for the accompanying Code Project article.

Configuration File Editor

This tool lets you edit configuration files in a hierarchical manner.
It makes it easy to protect and unprotect configuration sections, so that you don't need to run aspnet_regiis.exe anymore.
It works with the bundled Signature Protected Configuration Provider (a tamper-proof configuration protection provider)